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Time & Labor Management

Time & Labor Management Overview
Accurate and fast time management at your fingertips.
Flexible solutions that will grow and adapt with you

Unauthorized Overtime and Time Card Theft

Punching in and out eliminates employees “fudging” their time records, but what about buddy punching? Our solutions utilize password protected web time clocks and biometric time clocks allowing you to eliminate this “budget-busting” problem.

Real Time Information

real time information example

Live in the moment! When you log in to our web site you’ll be completely up to date. You’ll see the latest pay history, labor reports and invoices. You’ll see who’s punched in and how much overtime incurred as of right now – right from the dashboard. In other words, you’ll know what we know – in real time.

24/7 Access

Access your system anytime, anywhere. You have 24/7/365 access to your data. All you need is any web browser or mobile device. Remain in constant control of your business information.

Epic Reporting

  • Quick Links to your favorite reports
  • Know your true costs by location and/or department
  • 44 standard time reports easily customized to your needs
  • Easily filter and sort data — save report settings for future use
  • Choose from a wide range of export options including CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML and XML

Time-Off Accruals

Flexible time-off accruals management incorporates company requirements such as eligibility, tenure and hours worked. Online approval workflow tracks hours accrued, approved and remaining. Master calendar shows time-off scheduled by supervisor, department or company.

Job Costing

Job costing offers the ability to track work, time and expense against multiple cost centers, such as positions, departments, locations, contracts and/or tasks. Get greater accuracy in allocating costs and measuring efficiency.

Employee Self-Service

Empowers employees to review time sheets, submit change requests, view time-off accruals, submit time-off requests and view history. This self-service is available on-line or via mobile app.

Multiple Data Collection Options

Integrate multiple time clock options to track employee and manager time, review hours, include comments for late or missing punches and address any other exceptions all from a single screen.

  • web time clocks
  • smart phone app
  • proximity time clocks
  • dial in from touchtone phones
  • biometric fingerprint recognition
  • traditional swipe keypads (bar code, magnetic)
  • Select the best time clock solution for your work environment:

Additional Features

  • Auto Populated Company Holidays
  • General Ledger Import
  • Mass Edit Capabilities

Start with Payroll – Add on what you need

Allevity Select ® is an “a la cart” menu of employer services. Start with payroll and add on what you need.

  • Self-Service HR
  • Time and Labor
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Insurance Plan Administration services
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