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Commitment to Technology

Not only is technology cool, it’s important for efficient human capital management. Sure we have cloud-based software, smartphone apps, and biometric time clocks. But it’s not just so we can spout off fancy terms and be the hit of the party (well, maybe a little). We invest in the latest technology because we know you need good tools to be efficient. We automate to save you time so you can get back to what you do best – pursuing your passion.

No Software to Install

A simple web browser is your gateway to freedom. Bypass cumbersome software installations and the trouble that comes with them. No updates and no system requirements – If you have a browser, you’re ready to rock!

24/7/365 Access

Do you need it now? No problem. Allevity grants you 24/7/365 (sometimes 366) web access to your data. Need to look up a pay history? – Boom! Looking for the labor costs of your department over a specific time frame? – Bam! Need to approve timesheets from your smartphone while sitting on the beach? Done! If you need the answer to a question at 3 in the morning, login and it’s there. Whenever, wherever – if you have a web browser and an internet connection, you have access to your data.

Here is a partial list of the gems you can access depending on your level of service:

  • Paid Time-off Balances
  • Employee Pay History
  • Employee Profile Information
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Payroll Registers
  • Job Costing Reports
  • Recap & Funding Reports
  • Invoice History

Real Time Information

real time information example

Live in the moment! When you log in to our web site you’ll be completely up to date. You’ll see the latest pay history, labor reports and invoices. You’ll see who’s punched in and how much overtime incurred as of right now – right from the dashboard. In other words, you’ll know what we know – in real time.

Advanced Reporting

How do you like your data? Sliced? Diced? Shaken, not stirred? We offer advanced adhoc reporting tools that deliver your information the way you want to see it. Start with one of our plethora of standard reports and tweak it any way you like. Add columns, filter, sort, group, summarize, export – whatever you want. Save it the way you want and make it a quick link on your dashboard. Labor distribution reports, job costing, deduction registers or a simple list of this month’s birthdays – it’s all here. Insight to your greatest resource has never been easier.

Employee Self-Service

Are you getting bombarded with questions? How much time off do I have? Am I claiming 1 or 2 on my withholdings? Can I get a copy of my pay stubs for last quarter? Where’s my W-2? Answers to these questions and more are now available online. That’s right – they can look it up themselves.

Depending on the service you choose, your employees can view their personal activity, complete forms, request time off, manage time sheets, and participate in performance reviews. All are available from any web browser and many are available from a mobile app. Even terminated employees have access to their pay history and W-2s. It’s more efficient and it saves time – so you can focus on what you do best.

Accounting Software Interface

Life’s too short to hand key your payroll data into your accounting software. You can import your data into QuickBooks® and other accounting packages with the greatest of ease. With each payroll, we’ll deliver an export file that is customized to your needs. Simply upload the file into your accounting software and bam! – you’re onto the next task: enjoying life.

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