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Payroll Services Overview
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Every day we help small and medium sized business like yours improve their productivity by outsourcing their payroll to us. After all, if something isn’t moving your company forward, it’s a distraction. Distraction is lost opportunity. What else could your company do if it wasn’t bogged down in the minutiae of payroll processing?

Allevity Web

Accurate payroll processing using state of the art cloud based technology, guaranteed on-time payroll tax processing, time-off accrual tracking, advanced reporting and employee / manager self-service. You retain control and benefit from shared savings.

Allevity PRO

Complete payroll outsourcing. All of the features of Allevity Web, plus we’ll maintain your employee data and key employee hours. We are your off-site payroll department and provide complete peace of mind.

Payroll is so much more than a simple paycheck. It’s making sure withholdings and deductions are accurate. It’s ensuring tax deposits are accurate and on-time. It’s timely filing of tax returns and preparing W-2s by the Federal deadline. It’s the unexpected (and nearly guaranteed) questions and issues that arise throughout the year.

Our experts manage payrolls like yours every day and have the skill to handle every situation. We ensure payroll that’s accurate and on-time. What’s even more exciting? Switching to Allevity is easy. We even offer two levels of service to meet your needs.

Guaranteed On-time Payroll Tax Deposits

Managing payroll taxes can have you feeling like a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It’s just a matter of time before you get pinched. Save your tail and outsource this task to Allevity.

Each payroll, we collect the correct tax amount and remit it to the appropriate agency on-time – guaranteed. Our on-time record is 99.95%, but in the unlikely event that your deposit is one of the 0.05%, we pay the tax penalty and late fees. One in three small businesses will incur $1,100 in tax penalties each year – don’t be one of them. Many small businesses have paid for our services by simply putting an end to payroll tax penalties.

Tax filing and tax notification resolution is also included in our service at no additional cost. We file all of your federal, state, and local tax returns accurately and on-time. Should a payroll tax notice arrive in the mail, don’t get stuck on the phone. Forward the notice to us and our experienced staff will resolve the matter for you. Hours saved and headache avoided.

Yep, our service is truly worry free. No payroll tax deposits. No payroll tax returns. No payroll tax penalties. No hours on the phone with the IRS or EDD. Who knew peace of mind could be so affordable?

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Dedicated Payroll Specialists

Here’s a quick list of things you won’t get when you contact us: phone trees, call centers, or 5 digit extensions. Pick up the phone and you’ll speak to your dedicated payroll specialist who knows you by name. You’ll talk to the person who actually processes your payroll. And our team members are certified by the American Payroll Association. People do business with people – not machines. We get it.

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Switching is Easy

Our Implementation Team is ready to bring your company onboard. We understand your payroll and we’ll do the work necessary to ensure your transition is effortless and your payroll is accurate. We’ve brought on many businesses just like yours - it doesn’t matter the time of year or complexity of the payroll, our team makes it happen. It won’t be long before you’re taking a relaxing breath and wondering why you didn’t switch to Allevity earlier.

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Advanced Reporting

We offer advanced ad hoc reporting tools designed to deliver information the way you want to see it. Start with one of our plethora of standard reports and tweak it any way you like. Add columns, filter, sort, group, summarize, export – whatever you want. Save it the way you want and make it a quick link on your dashboard. Labor distribution reports, job costing, deduction registers or a simple employee roster – it’s all here. Insight into your greatest resource has never been easier.

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Time-Off Accruals

Our time-off accruals are flexible to handle your company requirements such as eligibility, tenure and hours worked. Track hours accrued and hours remaining. Enhance time-off management by adding our Time & Attendance Solution (TLM). TLM provides an online approval workflow, tracks hours approved and features a master calendar showing time-off scheduled by supervisor, department or company. You’re going to love it.

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Payroll Services Overview

  • 99.90% Payroll Accuracy — we have skills and we’re not afraid to flaunt them
  • Guaranteed Tax Deposits — 99.95% of payroll tax deposits are made on time
  • Dedicated Payroll Specialists — no 5-digit extensions
  • Easy Onboarding — it’s easy to switch to Allevity
  • Prevailing Wage Administration — Certified Payroll Reports
  • 24/7 Employee Self-Service — employees can view their paystubs online
  • Managers can view employee information and employee pay history online
  • Stop the Spreadsheets! — we’ll track your vacation, sick leave and PTO
  • FREE Direct Deposit and Pay Card options
  • Garnishment Processing and Third-Party Payments via ACH
  • New Hire Reporting completed within 20 days of new and rehired employees
  • Our team members are certified by the American Payroll Association
  • Single sign-on for all Allevity Select products
  • No Software to Install
  • Accounting Software Interface
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Start with Payroll – Add on what you need

Allevity Select ® is an “a la cart” menu of employer services. Start with payroll and add on what you need.

  • Self-Service HR
  • Time and Labor
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Insurance Plan Administration services

Direct Deposits and Pay Cards

Your employees can receive their paycheck however they prefer. We offer direct deposit, pay cards, or simple paper checks. All are available at no additional cost to your company.

Pay cards provide the convenience of direct deposit without the need for a bank account. Each pay period, your employee’s paycheck is deposited to their pay card. Their pay card looks and functions like a regular debit card. Employees can withdraw funds from ATMs or make purchases at any POS and online. Some transactions incur a transaction fee. Learn more by clicking here.

Employee Self-Service

Are you getting bombarded with employee questions? How much time off do I have? Am I claiming 1 or 2 on my withholdings? Can I get a copy of my pay stubs for last quarter? I lost my W-2 – can I get another copy? Answers to these questions and more are now available online. That’s right – they can look it up themselves.

Your employees can view their pay history, withholding status, and personal profile. They can complete forms, reprint pay stubs and W-2s. All are available from any web browser and many are available from our mobile app. Even terminated employees have access to their pay history and W-2s. It’s more efficient and it saves time – so you can focus on what you do best.

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24/7/365 Access

Access your system anytime, anywhere. You have 24/7/365 access to your data. All you need is any web browser or mobile device. Remain in constant control of your business information.

Mobile App

Is your company on the go? Our mobile app gives your team quick access to their information. Employees can view pay history, time-off balances and their personal profile. Managers have access to employee lists, employee profiles and pay history. If your company uses our time & attendance software, you’ll also have access to time sheets, request and approve time-off and view schedules.

No Software to Install

A simple web browser is your gateway to freedom. Bypass cumbersome software installations and the trouble that comes with them. No updates and no system requirements – If you have a browser, you’re ready to rock!

Real Time Integrated Platform

Get in-the-moment access to your employee data. Eliminate the guesswork of labor expenses by seamlessly integrating HR, Payroll and Time & Labor Management, allowing data to be viewed and analyzed in real time. See the full picture of your operations.

Accounting Software Interface

Life’s too short to "hand key" your payroll data into your accounting software. You can import your data into QuickBooks® and other accounting packages with the greatest of ease. With each payroll, we’ll deliver an export file customized to your needs. Simply upload the file into your accounting software and you’re done.

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