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Human Resources
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HR Rock Stars at Your Service

What makes a Human Resource Rock Star? At Allevity, it’s that rare combination of both skill and technique rounded out with an innate artistic expression (some call it passion). Original and sincere, our HR Rock Stars become your trusted advisor in building strong employee/employer relationships while helping to bridge any difficult situations that may arise. They possess advanced skill sets allowing for masterful negotiations when necessary and a positive attitude and smile every step of the way.

Self-Service Compliance

You don’t know what you don’t know. Allevity streamlines the question/answer process by providing you with resources and tools to “do it yourself”. From an employee handbook matched to your needs and up-to-date employment posters to an online HR portal, you’ll have what you need to make smart, informed decisions.

One-on-One HR Consulting

With the support of a dedicated HR Rock Star, the unnerving days of disciplining, terminating or delivering an employee performance review are over – you don’t have to go it alone. We provide you with highly skilled assistance and guidance with complex issues such as unemployment claims and wage/hour law compliance.

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Self-Service Compliance

Confused about which way to go? Getting conflicting information? Not sure who to believe? We put the tools you need at your finger tips.

Employee Handbook

How out of date is your handbook? With Allevity, you’ll receive a California compliant handbook that is customized to your company size. We constantly monitor law changes and keep your handbook up to date and in compliance. All required policies are addressed including At-Will Employment, New Employee Acknowledgement for Core Employment Policies, Immigration and Employment Law Compliance, Prohibiting Harassment Policy, Violence in the Workplace Policy. Now you can stop worrying about your handbook.

Note: if you haven’t worried about your handbook until now, that’s ok. We’ll get it up to speed for you. Oh, and did we mention it’s digital too? That means easy access anytime, from anywhere.

Employment Postings and Wage Orders

Employment posters have the life span of a mayfly. They’re so broad and cover so many laws and something is always changing. The only way to stay on top of this is have an expert (us) watch the ticker tape and send you new posters when things change. While not likely on your priority radar, out of date posters can result in hefty fines. Our diligence is your peace of mind.

What’s a wage order? If this wasn’t on your radar, you definitely need our service. We help you select the proper wage order and help keep you in compliance. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Online HR Portal

Don’t rely on the wild, wild web to get answers to your HR issues. As part of our service, you’ll have access to our online portal of HR information. Here you can look up employment laws as well as find examples of policies and forms. You’ll save time and find reliable information.

Compliant Forms, Templates, & Brochures

You’ll spend hours researching and compiling on your own the documents we have available for you in our online HR library. We have everything you need at your fingertips. With Allevity, you have direct access to compliant and current new hire forms (W-4, I-9, Employment Application, Personnel Action Form, etc.) as well as forms to record employee changes, performance reviews, leaves, and much more. You’ll have access to templates for a variety of documents like offer letters, disciplinary warnings, and promotions to name a few. And of course, you have access to the required brochures such as the EDD Notice to Employees, Paid Family Leave, Disability and more.

Safety Manual

Get your safety program back on track with our safety tools. You’ll have access to our compliant Injury and Illness Prevention Program that’s ready to go. In addition to the core program, you can add on any of the optional forms as they suit your needs. They include forms such as Company Vehicle Inspection Checklist, Worksite Inspection Report, Safety Meeting Outlines and more.

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One-on-One HR Consulting

You’ll benefit from the attention of a dedicated HR Specialist. We provide you with guidance and direction. We’re your sounding board and we’re here to talk you through your situation by giving clear advice based on your unique circumstances.

Self-Service Compliance

You’ll receive everything mentioned above including the employee manual, posters, online HR portal and more.

Dedicated HR Specialist

Your company is assigned a dedicated HR Specialist who can answer your questions, provide assistance and guidance, and bring you peace of mind when you face HR uncertainty. They can provide guidance with disciplinary actions, terminations, wage & hour law compliance, leaves of absence, performance reviews, job descriptions, and unemployment claims. Help is just a phone call away.

HR Software Module

Automate your HR duties by tracking and managing the important processes. Track assets, education, certifications, job descriptions, disciplinary incidents and workers’ compensation claims. Automate performance reviews and leaves of absence. The HR module is fully integrated with our payroll platform so you’ll have direct access to payroll history and the same ability to customize reports. Best of all, it’s the same login to access all of your employee data.

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A Solution for Every Company

Don’t want to worry about everything mentioned above? We also provide full-service human resource solutions to relieve you of the daily HR burden. We’ll manage the HR duties, so you can pursue your passion.

PEO Services

Our PEO services provide companies with a full-service, “turn-key” human resources solution that’s ready to roll. We manage the full employee life-cycle from hiring to termination, applying our expertise and reducing your administrative burden. In addition, you have access to our comprehensive benefits suite to help you attract and retain top employees.

Human Resources Outsourcing

HRO is also a full-service HR solution with many of the same services as PEO, but without the co-employer relationship. We’ll handle the transactional HR and administer your benefits portfolio.

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Start with Payroll – Add on what you need

Allevity Select® is an “a la cart” menu of employer services. Start with payroll and add on what you need.

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