Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Allevity HR & Payroll?

Allevity gives our clients the freedom to do what they love. We are a full-service HR & Payroll organization and have been dedicated, local specialists for over 40 years. Allevity HR & Payroll will get to know you and your business and set the stage for a true partnership. We are committed to the beliefs that having employees should be easy and you should get back to doing what you do best and let us handle the rest.

Allevity provides our clients a competitive edge with our unparalleled software platform, which is designed to support you in managing your most important asset—your employees. You’ll experience an innovative combination of service and technology, tailored specifically to your business.

Our Payroll and HR services are all supported by technology that is accessible online, accurate, and provides real-time information. We offer dedicated HR specialists that can assist with compliance and performance management, among many other HR-related topics. Additional services include: insurance plan administration, reporting, and tax filings.

What is the difference between our Payroll, HRO, and PEO Services?

Payroll Client: Allevity can provide payroll to a variety of pay schedules, guarantee tax deposits, and assist with new hire reporting, accrual tracking, garnishment processing, free direct deposits, online logins for all employees, and reporting for managers and company admins. Clients can submit time via email, fax, or online.

HRO Client: An HRO relationship has all the features of a payroll client, with the addition of a dedicated HR Specialist from Allevity. This representative will assist the client with employee onboarding, background checks, orientations, terminations, performance management, leave of absences, policy writing, insurance administration, labor law compliance, and more.

PEO Client: Through a co-employment relationship, professional employer organizations (PEOs) enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll, and workers' compensation. PEO clients focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line.

What is TLM?

Time and Labor Management (TLM) is the ability to track employees time in real-time. Employees can clock in/out via a computer or mobile app, and utilize job costing, and managers can approve timesheets and PTO requests online.

What are the benefits of entering a PEO relationship?

Once a client contracts with a PEO, the PEO will then co-employ the client's worksite employees. In the arrangement among a PEO, a worksite employee and a client company, there exists a shared relationship in which both PEO and client company have an employment relationship with the worker. The PEO and client company share and allocate responsibilities and liabilities. The PEO assumes much of the responsibility and liability for the business of employment, such as risk management, human resource management, and payroll and employee tax compliance. The client company retains responsibility for and manages product development, production, business operations, marketing, sales, and service. The PEO and the client will share certain responsibilities for employment law compliance. As a co-employer, the PEO will often provide a complete human resource and benefit package for worksite employees.

What are the client requirements to work with Allevity HR & Payroll?

Our Sales team will walk through the process in order to make it as easy and streamlined as possible. We will fill out an initial questionnaire and see what services we can offer that would best fit our partnership.

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