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Allevity Longevity: The Key to Our Success

Oct 1, 2020

We say it over and over: We have the most amazing staff. But we’re not just saying it. 

They work so hard. They get the payrolls out on time and 100-percent accurate. They counsel HR clients navigating law-riddled situations. They’re always answering phones, so when you call you get a person and not a phone tree. And they bend over backward for one another.

We do our best to show our appreciation of them, and we think it shows.

One way we do that is to celebrate employees’ time with the company. Every year, we celebrate each employee’s anniversary with a gift and—except for 2020—a card signed by the rest of us.

This year, we noticed some particularly amazing longevity!

A full 25 percent of our colleagues have been at Allevity for over 20 years apiece. We find that extraordinary.

For many of them it’s been a career; for some, it’s been a lifetime. We’ve seen each other married, have children, and some of us have even watched each other’s children grow up. This quarter we’ll be celebrating 13 anniversaries, seven of which are extraordinary.

Ariann, our Chico HR representative and a former Chico Chamber of Commerce Young Businessperson of the Year, celebrates 13 years (and the birth of her first child)!

Cassie, our unshakeable payroll department supervisor and winner of both The Tan of the Year and Best Poolside Retreat Awards, celebrates 17 years.

Kit, our tax administrator, celebrates 21 years in October—and four dogs every day!

Kevin, our business development representative and amazing head cook at our parties, clocks in at 21 years too. 

Craig, our fearless second-generation leader, celebrates a milestone 25-year anniversary this November. Whoop whoop! Can’t wait to shop for you, Craig!

Donna, payroll and workers’ comp administrator extraordinaire and woman of many hats and great generosity, celebrates an almost unheard-of 32 years.

And if that wasn’t enough, Chris, fierce wielder of large power tools and scathingly sharp humor, celebrates a hard-to-fathom 36 years this October.

But our other employees are no less appreciated!

We could describe every other employee in equally glowing terms, and we’ve still only scratched the surface of their stories. Their longevity with Allevity is one of our biggest strengths. They are smart, funny, kind, multi-talented, service-oriented, and dedicated to making it easy for our clients to run their organizations

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this bit of insight into our company and what it’s like behind the scenes, please spread the word with your friends and business partners.

-Robin Lloyd, Executive Assistant to the President 

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