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Aged to Perfection

Jun 6, 2018

It all started back in 1974 with an idea. After years of running his own successful CPA practice, our founder and CEO, Kent Ahlswede, had begun to notice a common thread among the business owners he worked with. Many were excited about the core functions of their businesses, but had grown overwhelmed by the day-to-day non-revenue generating aspects of running those businesses. Things like dealing with payroll and tax issues led inevitably to hours of paperwork and oversight, causing owners to lose sight of their original goals.  

Kent saw an opportunity to help those business owners meet their needs and shift their focus back to their main business objectives. After learning more about the Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) of the time, he decided to create Staff Resources, intent upon supplying organizations with the expertise and manpower they needed to effectively adhere to some of those more mundane business tasks. 

Shortly after that, Kent also played an integral role in founding the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), serving as president for the first two years. He had strong opinions about the industry as a whole and shied away from using the “employee leasing” terminology other PEO’s were embracing at the time. He felt the term itself was dehumanizing, and he strove to run his business in a different way, a goal which eventually led to the success we are still seeing today under his leadership.

A lot has changed over the years, with Kent’s sons Craig and Kevin eventually joining the family business and helping to further advance the original vision. A couple of years ago, the company name was changed to Allevity HR & Payroll, uniting the various branches that had been built up over time, allowing us to provide one sleek set of services for all clients to choose from. 

Today, 40 years later, we are still going strong and operating as innovators within the industry that Kent helped to pioneer. No matter what challenges the industry has presented over the years, from changes in tax codes to legislative battles, we have continued to work together as a family to overcome any potential hurdles and emerge on top as industry leaders. 

Like a fine wine, Allevity just gets better with age. So why don’t you join us in pouring a glass to celebrate this major milestone in our company’s history? 

Cheers to another successful 40 years to come!



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