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Our History

To understand our future…let’s take a tour through our past.

After building a successful CPA practice, Kent Ahlswede recognized a pattern among business owners. All of them loved their business, but seemed so frustrated with having employees, dealing with payroll, and having to focus on matters that didn’t directly relate to generating revenue. After hearing about the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, where business owners could essentially outsource all of these things to one company, Kent had an "aha" moment. He decided to open his own PEO, and in 1974, Staff Resources was born.

Kent realized that the PEO industry didn’t have anyone to guide, protect or assist them, so he called a few business peers and together they founded the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) in 1985 (which by the way is more successful today than ever). Kent was the President for the first two years. Whether you asked Kent in 1985 or today, why he thought it was necessary to start NAPEO, his answer would still be the same – he wanted to build a "good solid foundation for the industry" and he "wanted to keep it clean and ensure things were done the right way".

Kent has had to overcome several other obstacles along the way. Whether it’s workers’ compensation, environmental taxes, EDD, or legislative battles, Kent has found a way to tackle the obstacles and keep the PEO industry relevant and thriving. He has always been the "rock" for this company and the industry.

In 1995, Kent asked his son, Craig, to join him in helping to build Staff Resources. Craig served in many roles including Project Management, Management Information Director, 401(k) Administrator and Business Development Representative. Kent appointed Craig as President in 2006. With Craig’s wide range of company experience he brought the necessary knowledge to take Staff Resources to the next level of success. Craig currently serves on the board of NAPEO and remains very active in the industry’s legislative efforts.

During the 1990’s Staff Resources was running well, but Kent was always looking to make things better. He realized that the current model of the company didn’t fit all employer needs because some were too small to offer benefits. He asked Craig to develop a new division and Employer Concepts was started in 1999. Craig then asked his brother Kevin to leave a general contracting career to work in the family business and run the Employer Concepts division. Kevin’s unique skill set provided a major advantage in working with the diverse clients. Employer Concepts flourished under Kevin’s leadership and turned out to be bigger than anyone anticipated. It is still going strong today.

After many, many years we consolidated our names (Staff Resources, Employer Concepts, Progressive Employer Solutions, and Simplified Payroll Solutions) into one, easy to remember name…Allevity HR & Payroll. We realized it was time to unite our many levels of service and move forward with a fresh look and name that brought everything together.

Given our history in the PEO industry, human resource management and payroll is in our DNA. We are proud to still be a family-owned business. This allows us to make decisions and take actions that benefit our clients without having to answer to shareholders. And we remain committed to being your best business decision with our goal of providing "Peace of Mind".

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